Editor's Note // Kerry Gilsenan

Winter has seemingly crept into our SP/SU 2016 issue, bringing with it tales of vikings, Russian ballerinas and evil stepmothers, amongst snow-capped mountains, and Narnia-esque settings. For the second time this academic year, Retrospect has been overwhelmed with not just the number of submissions we have received, but their quality. The content for ‘Legends & Folklore’ has captivated our editorial team, making our job, as usual, a pleasure. We cannot thank our members enough for their continued support of all that we do. Nevertheless, to all who spent time voluntarily in the library producing fantastic academic pieces and features, to those who sought and reviewed their entertainment, and to those that ran away with their imaginations in historical fiction, thank you.

On a personal note, this will be my ninth, and final, issue of Retrospect that I have contributed to or edited. At each stage of my time at this University, Retrospect has provided me with the opportunities I needed to grow as a writer, become an editor, plan events and projects, and manage an entire publication. The individuals that I have worked with have made me incredibly proud of the ever-growing community of Retrospect fanatics walking through our hallways. As a small organisation, we have asked ourselves what brings our members to us, and what more can we do for them? Retrospect will continue to offer students interested in creating content and developing skills as many opportunities as possible to show us what they’ve got. This year saw the introduction of podcasting and historical fiction under the biggest committee yet. What next? It’s entirely up to you!

Keep an eye out for us next year. I know I will be checking the website, reading, listening to and experiencing the creations yet to come, while looking back on all that we had achieved by my final year at university. Happy reading.