About Retrospect...

Retrospect was launched as the Edinburgh University History Society's journal in 2006. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength. In 2008 we were shortlisted for the cottish Herald Award for Best Student Magazine in Scotland which we won in 2010. In 2012, we became a fully fledged society and became the official journal and magazine of the newly established School of History, Classics and Archaeology

As a society, we design, organise and publish student-written articles that engage with the worlds of History, Classics and Archaeology. These articles can take the form of academic essays, features pieces, TV/book/film/theatre reviews, interviews with HCA and creative people, and historical fiction for budding authors! Our newest addition to the journal is our 'Edinburgh Voices' category in which we will publish articles that relate to what life is like as an Edinburgh student. For any Freshers out there, these articles will definitely be worth reading!

The Retrospect team meet on Monday evenings on campus, and are always seeking new designers, illustrators, editors and writers, and welcome any members who want to learn more about any aspect of journalism, writing, design or editing. Please visit our EUSA webpage for more information. 

Not a History, Classics or Archaeology student? Don’t worry! Retrospect is open to everyone and the content of our articles range from reviews of the latest books and films, to comment pieces on factual world events.



Become a member of Retrospect!

In order to be published in the journal, you will need to have purchased membership valid for the academic year 2016-2017.

Membership can be purchased via our EUSA society's page for just £4 for students, and £8 for non-Edinburgh students.

Why should you become a member? 

As a member of Retrospect you are guaranteed a minimum of two published articles, online and in print. Our fundraising events, such as pub quizzes, band nights and other society socials, as well as our media and publishing workshops are discounted for members. 

How can you write for us?

We have made some handy guides to help with your submissions:

Read our submissions guide to find our which submission style suits you best.
Read our quick guide to writing historical fiction to get you started - beginners welcome!

All articles should be sent to submissions@retrospectjournal.co.uk