Charlotte lauder // editor-in-chief

History // Fourth year

This is Charlotte's second and, sadly, her last year with Retrospect Journal. She has previously written for the journal in her first and second years, and then held the position of Schools Officer for the 2015-16 session. In 2015 she was featured in an article exchange between Retrospect and the Historical Discourses Journal of McGill University in Toronto, Canada. Since 2013, Retrospect has been a source of historical inspiration, creativity and like-minded friends, and she has enjoying every minute of it. 

Charlotte's primary research is in Modern Scottish History, within the wide remit of modern Scottish political history, twentieth century religious history and Scottish emigration and diaspora studies. Passionate about education and academia, she is planning for postgraduate studies in History. She is very excited to be Editor-in-Chief and looks forward to welcoming new members to the society and widening Retrospect's reach and creativity across the University.

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Charles nurick // deputy editor + secretary

History // Fourth Year

Despite starting university as a civil engineering student, Charles soon realised it was history - and not sewage systems - that interested him most. Entering his third year with Retrospect, Charles has previously acted as both Features Editor and Senior Features Editor, whilst contributing articles prior to this also. Mainly interested in Social History, Charles has found himself increasingly drawn to the study of North America, and plans to write his dissertation on the role played by African-American athletes within the Civil Rights Movement. 

Outside of Retrospect, Charles also acts as Sports Editor for The Student, where he manages to pass off copious hours of watching tennis and football as 'work', much to his parents' worry.

lauren-lee porter // deputy editor, treasurer + Senior radio editor

Ancient History // Second Year

As a mature student, Lauren joined the University of Edinburgh at the grand old age of twenty six. Due to her thirst for knowledge she took the route of studying an Ancient History degree. Always having listened to audiobooks and radio since a mere babe, her learning of the past has been coloured with many a podcast.  From this a need to create her own was born.

Lauren's first year of university consisted of creating a brand new radio show, 'History and Chill'. She also worked alongside Retrospect to create history themed podcasts. This year has taken her into being head of the Radio and Podcast Team, and she now endeavours to to spread her word and others' on the net. What a woman!

sarah thomson // editor

English Literature and History // Fourth Year

Sarah has been an avid writer for Retrospect for three years and this is her first time as part of the committee. As an Editor, she's hoping to finally put years of proofreading her friends' essays to good use! Sarah is primarily interested in modern American History, and her dissertation will explore foreign policy during the Reagan administration. She spent her third year abroad at the University of Virginia where her part-time job as a research assistant and a trip to the Reagan Library in California cemented her dreams of a career in academia. 

When she's not in the William Robertson Wing she can usually be found in one of Edinburgh's many coffee shops, mainlining caffeine and boring her friends with trivia about her favourite U.S. Presidents.

kara ross // editor

English Literature and French // Fourth Year

Kara hails from Glasgow and, having spent her third year abroad studying in the south of France, she is excited to return to the lovely Edinburgh for her final year at university and her first year with Retrospect. She loves her degree and her broad study interests include Early Modern European history and twentieth century poetry.

Outside of university, she works as a childminder and volunteers for the Scottish European Educational Trust. She is currently undecided as to what she will do after graduating, foreseeing a slightly depressing relocation back to her parents' house that will hopefully be followed by travelling.

felix carpenter // editor

Classics and History // Fourth Year

Felix became a member of Retrospect as a fresher at the Societies Fair in 2013 and is new to the Editorial team this year. He studies History and Classics, although even his close friends believe - and will erroneously testify - that they have seen him in their International Relations lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the year. He has a great interest in British and American politics from the late nineteenth century to the present day. Raised in the very-English Tunbridge Wells, he is the nine-time great-grandson of Scottish folk legend - "played in a film once by Liam Neeson" - Rob Roy McGregor. He regularly brings up this important fact to explain his seminal love for the Scottish countryside and fondness for wearing tartan scarves.

With Retrospect he hopes to expose new historical insights in an engaging way to a broader audience, as well as making himself feel he is suitably academic in his final year. Previously he has been Editor-in-Chief at The Columnist, chief writer at Edinburgh Flipside, and Assistant Secretary General at ScotMUN.

ciara mckay // editor

Music // Fourth Year

Ciara is a music student and has always maintained a keen interest in all things historical. Her love of history has been developed by travel and an interest in the Arts. She is particularly interested in Russian history and the Cold War era, as well as the Golden Age of American cinema. Ciara wrote for Retrospect for the 2015-16 session and is very happy to now be a Content Editor. She is looking forward to contributing to, and editing, some great work.

alice williamson // editor

History and Scottish History // Fourth Year

Alice has been a member of Retrospect since her first year which she has loved because it's a great way to meet lovely people and be creative with your subject. Her degree is super cool because it means she can make she can make her niche her research - yay, the history of childhood! Generally, being an Edinburgh student is grand because of the amount of pub crawls, books, matcha green teas and Medieval and Georgian buildings. 

martin greenacre // editor

History // Fourth Year

Martin is mainly interested in the twentieth century global history and was attracted by the international scope of his courses at Edinburgh and also through the city itself. He spent his third year abroad in Dijon, France, where he became interested in post-war French history and harboured hopes to one day return and live in France. He joined Retrospect to combine his interests in history, publishing and his passion for creative writing.  

rebecca rosser // editor

Economic and Social History // Fourth Year

Rebecca is delighted to form part of the amazing Retrospect project as Content Editor once again. Rebecca enjoys researching (as weird as it may sound), finding out about history and writing about it. She has published many articles on topics ranging from history and politics, to terrorism and business management. She is madly in love with the cultural offering of her native Spain, and nevertheless enjoys walking around Edinburgh and discovering old and new places alike. 

Rebecca cannot wait to read the fantastic articles submitted to the Retrospect Journal and looks forward to meeting Retrospect members at socials throughout the year.

ashleigh jackson // columnist

English Literature and History // Fourth Year

New to Retrospect, Ashleigh enjoys writing and has contributed to the Student Newspaper in the past, as well as other local newspapers. She recently spent the summer interning at Museum where she wrote a series of articles on the First World War. She hopes to pursue a career in writing after her degree.

sophia fothergill // columnist

English Literature and History // Third Year

Sophia is new to Retrospect and is mostly interested in Modern history outside of Europe. She loves to find a book or film which can bring a new perspective to her work. Sophia joined Retrospect as a Columnist to give her an opportunity to combine her two disciplines, gain some experience in writing for a journal, and because she loved a good social. After university she is considering pursuing a career in publishing, or law, whilst continuing to read her way around the world.

rocco astore // columnist

Philosophy // NYC Graduate Student

Rocco is a new member of the Retrospect team and is a graduate student studying to become a Philosophy professor in the U.S.. He hold a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Liberal Studies, both from the City of New York University in New York City. His interests include the philosophy of Greco-Roman Antiquity, Eastern Traditions and the Early Modern Period. 

As a foreign columnist, Rocco specialises in classics and their philosophical underpinnings, hoping to shed new light on age-old texts. In this role he also desires readers to explore the rich history of Edinburgh's myths and fables and how they can relate to those of other cultures.   

emma simpson // social secretary

History // Fourth Year

Emma is new to the Retrospect team this year and is going into her final year at Edinburgh studying history. She has just got back from a year abroad at the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson. Despite being surrounded by early revolutionary American History for a year she developed an interest in the history of genocide, and will be writing her fourth year dissertation on the genocides in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in the 1990s.

Emma took the role of Social Secretary to meet more fellow lovers of history, and to organise (epic) academic and social events for the Retrospect community.

megan strain // fundraising officer

History and Politics // Fourth Year

Megan is a massive history lover and, when not studying, can usually be found exploring the sites and museums of Edinburgh!

jacob hull // digital editor

English Literature // Fourth Year

Hailing from the valleys of North Wales, it is perhaps a surprise that he doesn't sound very Welsh - that is until he slips up, of course! Going into his fourth and final year as an Edinburgh student, Jacob is new to Retrospect Journal. He has been working regularly as a freelance writer and editor for numerous video games magazines and websites over the last few years.

He plans to go into editing and writing for media publications when he finishes his English Lit degree in a year's time. 

susie curtis // digital editor

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History // Third Year

Susie has jumped on board the Retrospect team this year in a concerted effort to curb her ever-growing book addiction and give the magazine side of literary life a try. She enjoys learning about world art and literature through the ages and is particularly interested in the ways in which myth and metaphor have been developed. Edinburgh is a stunning city with a handy number of book shops and has inspired Susie to work towards a future within the publishing field.     

tess johnson // digital editor

History // Third Year

Tess is a new member of the Retrospect team and will be undertaking her third year as a history student. Originally from the United States, Tess moved to Edinburgh to pursue an enriching education in one of the world's greatest hubs for historical information and interaction. This year she hopes to focus on Napoleonic France and its larger effects on modernity, as well as the driving psychological trends that shape society's development. 

Tess aspires to an academic career, and so aims to buckle down and pursue post-graduate studies following graduation. In the meantime, she hopes to marry her appreciation for journalism with her interest in history to help continue Retrospect's dissemination of thoughtful historical insight.    

ellie parker // digital editor

History // Second Year

Ellie is new to Retrospect and is an enthusiastic history student and tea drinker, fully embracing the opportunity to study in a city full of history and good coffee shops. Her favourite aspect of studying history is the ability to investigate the lives of individuals through their own words, particularly autobiographies of the early twentieth century. 

She has spent the past year editing and writing for The Student and feels ready to indulge her more creative side for Retrospect. She took on the role of Digital Editor to combine her love of writing and design which stems from running her own blog for the past few years.

polina andreeva // radio editor

History and Spanish // Fourth Year

New to Retrospect, Polina is in her final year of studies in History and Spanish. Her passions lie in the Spanish Civil War and South American film studies. Her Russian background combined with her British character incessantly fuel speculations on the (ongoing) Cold War and Russia's Foreign Policy.

After graduating, she hopes to return to South America (where she spent her third year abroad), perfect her salsa moves and do a Masters in Social History on the Argentine dictatorship.

Osanna lau // Radio Editor

Classics // Second Year

Osanna is thrilled to be joining the Retrospect team as a Radio Editor. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, a place where people think a lot about business and little about topics like Classics and Archaeology. Through Retrospect, she hopes to bring Edinburgh's passion for all things retrospect back to Hong Kong, as well as promote Hong Kong and China's interesting histories. 

Osanna enjoys reading about unrealistic adventures and enjoys writing of all sorts, unless the deadline is the next day. When not doing any of the above, she can be found watching Game of Thrones or obsessing over the British-French singer Mika.

Josh stein // radio editor

German and History // Fourth Year

With German, South African and Jewish heritage Josh is mainly interested in identity politics and history. Primarily he studies the history of Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Since moving to Edinburgh three year ago, Josh decided that he would happily stay in the city for a long time. He has developed an interest in the cultural and historical relationship between Scotland and England.

He came to Retrospect to after his year abroad in Germany, during which he developed a passion for historical journalism, and Simon Sebag Montefiore's voice! Plans for after graduation include travelling and working in Europe and taking time to decide on a future plan.

Silvia Razakova // design editor

Graphic Design // Second Year

Silvia has spent most of her life in Italy - therefore Italian culture and etiquette would define most of her personal character. However, her genetic make-up of Crimean, Tadjik and Japanese has influenced her social composition and maybe her political views in many ways. 

Graphic design is just wide enough to cover almost all of her greatest passions: good taste and common sense, bad taste, mass communication micro communication, endless progression, and, of course, books and cinema!